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Sterilization :
At AJU'S Dental clinic, ”Your safety is our priority”. The highest standards of sterilization and cleanliness are maintained at our practice.
  • Autoclaving all the critical instruments and sterile packing.
  • Using disposable glass, gloves, masks, suction tips, needles etc.
  • Chemical sterilization using gluteraldehyde(Korsolex rapid), Methanol,Sodium hypocholorite etc.
  • Surface disinfection procedures.
  • Biomedical waste disposal through the concerned authorities.
Root Canal Treatments :
  • For painful and grossly decayed teeth .
  • Single visit root canal treatments in 90% cases
  • Rotary endodontics
Root Canal Treatments
Orthodontic Treatments :
  • For correction of proclined teeth & spacing between teeth.
  • Done by orthodontist on an appointment basis.
  • Tooth coloured ceramic braces and Lingual Orthodontic Treatment for better esthetics.
Orthodontic Treatments
Missing Teeth Replacement :
  • Removable type and fixed type replacements
  • All ceramic, Procera, Metal free crowns and bridges
  • Flexible Sunflex removable dentures.
Missing Teeth Replacement
Tooth coloured restorations :
  • For Decayed, chipped, discoloured or fractured teeth.
  • Tooth coloured composite restorations
  • Smile designing.
Tooth coloured restorations
Teeth Whitening :
  • For a confident smile
  • In office procedures
  • Done using disposable patient trays.
Teeth Whitening
Minor Oral Surgery :
  • Done on an outpatient baris
  • Extractions & alveoloplasty procedures
  • Removal of impacted wisdom teeth.
Minor Oral Surgery